Hello and welcome to VisiMix certificate. VisiMix certificate will certify that you have the expertise and knowledge required for working with VisiMix.

In order to answer VisiMix tests you will need VisiMix software installed on your computer.

In this page you will find 7 tests, each test of different unit operation, after you’ll answer all of them correctly VisiMix certificate will be sent to your email.

Please notes:

  1. VisiMix recommend working on the SV example before solving the VisiMix certificate tests (https://visimix.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/S1.pdf)
  2. We are assuming while taking the test, data will be changed by the user as VisiMix software Attention recommending

Instructions- please read and follow:

  1. Log in to your personal area.
  2. Answer one test at a time (the order has no significance).
  3. At the end of each test you’ll be asked to upload the relevant VisiMix file
  4. Be aware that every successful test will be locked and save, you will not have an access to the test.
  5. Each test you’ll answer correctly will change his color to green.
  6. Each test you’ll answer partly or incorrectly will change his color to red.
  7. Your answer will be saved and would be able to log in later in order to complete the tests.
  8. After completing correctly all the tests, click ‘submit’ button

For question or technical issues please write to us at:  [email protected]